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This year, we are helping you get positioned to purpose.

Almost every highly successful person in sports, politics, business, religion, and entertainment has been coached or developed professionally.

We serve clients who are...

Office Setup

Open to Change


Those who are learning a new skill, starting a new job, changing marital status, relocating, starting an organization or business.

Desire Growth

Committed to  
greater impact

Our clients are committed to the process of their growth, learning, and improvement inwardly in order to make an impact outwardly

Our services are as unique as our clients.
Each solution will be customized and catered to your life and your vision.

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Laser Vision Intensive

$109 (55-60 mins)

It takes a mindset, a moment, and decision to pivot your situation in the right direction. 


 This call is designed save time, money, and resources. Laser Vision Call allows you to zone in on your needs to make decisions and next steps. Perfect for individuals wanting to increase time management,  gain more clarity and confidence in current decisions, increase professional organization,  ask for professional insight on business, branding,  goals and more. )

Topics typically discussed: Goal setting, content creation, life challenges, business goals, help for better productivity, spiritual growth, health and wellness improvement)

VIP Intensive Solution

$449.00 (payment option available)


This is not your average coaching session!  Includes a private, exclusive, full day of assessing, coaching, consulting, and developing goals. Private, luxury location (virtual offered), complimentary lunch or dinner, session is designed to provide client with 7 steps of execution, vision planning, and 3 month plan of action deliverables. 

(Focus, Clarity, Speed, Decision-Making)

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Author Unleashed  

$299.00 (payment option available)

Are you ready to become a published author, write your book, poetry complication, or manuscript?  We save you valuable TIME and MONEY from making the mistakes most writers make on their journey. We assist you with a book writing prep checklist, Two one on one sessions (2hrs split into your schedule) manuscript edit, formatting, and discuss your publishing options *publishing not included*  Ideal for individuals who are ready to write and need professional, precise, and pristine quality for their literature.

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$79 (35-40 min)

Want to work on your immediate goals, brainstorm a new idea, get an answer for a time sensitive event and are short on time? Coffee chat call is perfect for you. This half hour call can save you weeks, or months of time it takes procrastinating, researching, or guessing on a decision. Just have some life questions or just need us to listen and help you organize your next steps? We can do that too! 

Executive Solutions

in your life is determined by your level of CONFIDENCE. Your career, choice of connections, your personal boundaries are all shaped through confidence. It is vital that you understand your level of confidence in all areas of your life so you can soar. 

$127 per session


 Visionary Business Solution (starting at $2,200)


For ceos, entrepreneurs, business owners, or upper management to assess your business, goals, practices, and plans for expansion. We help you identify your company’s processes for retention, work-life balance, and time management. 

Solutions offered:

  • Employee Onboarding/ Orientation

  • Company Policy/Mission Modeling

  • New Hire Facilitation

  • Safety/Certification Orientation

  • Conduct/Code of Ethics Meeting

  • Promotion/Orientation 

  • Team Building Sessions

  • Employee Feedback Sessions

Stang-up Meeting

Clarity. Confidence. Excellence.

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