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Kamisha Young

Owner, Certified Executive Coach , Speaker, Author

Kamisha Young is a certified professional who has obtained her formal education  in the field of  Sociology and Psychology . Her ability to connected with individuals from all walks of life is the foundation of her business expertise.


Kamisha has worked for several top companies throughout her professional career in the fields of technology, management, and sales. She is devoted to helping individuals maximize their potential by eliminating distractions, overcoming fear, and building their confidence  so they can be their best, most authentic version of themselves. 

In her personal time, Kamisha enjoys reading, mentoring, working out,  traveling, and spending quality time with family.

What can you expect from working with Kamisha? 

"I always tell people that you will know when someone has your best interest at heart when they tell you the things no one else wants to say." 

Working with me means I will be attentive to your questions, perceptions, and concerns and seek to understand who you are at your core without prejudgment, assumption, or criticism. 

A session with me is unlike any basic interaction. We will be comfortable and honest about where you are and where you want to be. When you trust me fully, I can help you the best. 

I will challenge you, I will ask questions surrounding your way of thinking about your situation, I will be completely honest, transparent, and forthcoming about what steps we can make toward your progress. 

I won't go along with your limited thinking. If I see potential in you, I will express it. I will call out the areas of challenge, opposition,and areas of great opportunity. 

Working with me will stretch you, charge you, and help you grow to your desired outcomes. 

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